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Capable, Confident, and Curious: Nova Scotia's Early Learning Curriculum Framework

Here you can find some information on the Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework!

What is the Framework?

The Nova Scotia Early Learning Curriculum Framework is a document that guides our practice within childcare and early learning settings.

Image of the Child

The way we view and understand children and childhood is influenced by our
own personal experiences, values, culture, and beliefs. Everyone draws from their
own unique life experiences to form their own “Image of the Child”.
In the NS Early Learning Curriculum Framework, children are viewed as "capable, confident, curious, eager and avid learners, with individual strengths, capacities, and interests."

Guiding Principles

The framework holds 5 principles of early learning based on theories
and evidence-based research surrounding children’s learning and development:

  • Play-Based Learning

  • Relationships

  • Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

  • Learning Environments

  • Reflective Practice


4 Learning Goals

The framework guides children’s development in 4 main areas called learning goals:

  • Discovery and Invention

  • Language and

  • Personal and Social Responsibility

  • Well-Being

As educators, the framework guides our practice and strategies as we work together with your child to construct their knowledge and guide their development within the
4 learning goals.


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