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"The staff are amazing - it is obvious they love the children"

"As a parent using this facility, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, nurturing and reliable placement. Consistency among the staff ensures that all children are treated equally and with respect. They seek to make each day a positive experience tailored to the individual's need. Their structure allows for expression of self and creativity, as well as team work."

"Talented staff who promote spirituality through intellectually stimulating activities. Community involvement and sense of cultural awareness is conveyed by PBCC's experienced and respected group of educators. Employees are always welcoming and happy, which could be due to low turnover or the charisma of Lynda, owner/operator of PBCC. Her long- standing success and respectability in the community are unparalleled."

"Excellent price. Promoting healthy living through tasty nutrious snacks. They are good to the environment and teach the children in that way. They care about their community and their world around them as shown through the various charities they support. And best of all, it is obvious that they really do love the children."

"We feel very fortunate to have found this day care centre (PBCC) – it is a unique place that quite simply, feels like “home”. It is warm and welcoming and all of the staff are nurturing, wise women – it’s fantastic! They have created an environment that is so conducive to learning and exploring, both inside and out. Their “back to nature” approach is refreshing. They encourage all the children to really explore in nature and let them make discoveries on their own!


It is clear that the teachers really respect the children - they allow the children to be “themselves”. I know that they take the time to listen and understand each child’s unique personality and abilities, and are always there to offer the guidance and support they need.


They are very flexible in terms of their programming which has made it a lot easier for us.

And finally, I can see that there is always lots of laughter – my son just loves it there!


A sincere “thank you” to all of the staff."

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