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Our Nature Centre

The Nature Centre is a place for children to practice the scientific skills of observation, collection and communicating their knowledge. The variety of natural materials provides opportunities for discovery, dialogue and creativity. They are compared, sorted, organized and classified according to many different attributes. Other materials are sketched to further understand texture, size and shape.








What we do:

We assess children’s fears and misconceptions about natural environments.

We understand how children’s connections with nature can help them heal and cope with trauma, sadness, violence, fear, depression, attention deficits, and hyperactivity.


We will identify teaching strategies to help children develop:
  •  a sense of the seasons
  •  a sense of themselves as nurturers
  •  a connection to the timeless and the "larger than life" elements of nature
  •  bonds and connections with the natural world in order to feel trust and comfort

Outdoor play is a very important part of your child’s day. We believe in connecting children with nature at an early age. They will be digging in dirt, splashing in puddles and making mud cakes!

Fun in Nature!

"We endorse the Earth Charter. We embrace the spirit and aims of the document. We pledge to join the global partnership for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world and to work for the realization of the values and principles of the Earth Charter."

We Support:

“the mission of the Nature Action Collaboration for Children is to re-connect children with the natural world by making developmentally appropriate nature education a sustaining and enriching part of the daily lives of the world’s children” and we support the Universal Principles for connecting children with nature.

Universal Principles​

Developed by the Nature Action Collaborative for Children Leadership Team, a World Forum Foundation Working Group for children

We believe it is important for multi-disciplinary groups of design professionals, environmental advocates, educators, health-care professionals and families to work together to design and support spaces and experiences that help children make connections with nature a sustaining and enriching part of their daily lives.

We believe that regular connections with the natural world encourage children to develop:
  • Respect for local cultures and climates and for themselves as a part of nature.
  • Feelings of unity, peace and well-being as global citizens.
We believe it is important that children:


  • Have daily access to nature-based outdoor and indoor environments in their early childhood programs and schools.
  • Be respected as competent, powerful learners and risk-takers who have a voice in what they create and learn through nature.
  • Be supported in developing life skills through holistic nature-based learning.
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